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  • Darmowa dostawa od 99 zł
  • Szybka wysyłka
  • Bezpieczne płatności
  • 14 dni na zwrot

Brak w magazynie

Warning! This product is intended exclusively for export to authorized markets, it is a prohibited product according to the German Weapons Act. The distribution in and the import into Germany as well as any handling of this product in Germany is prohibited. Delivery only to authorized persons, every order is checked manually! Orders from unauthorized markets are canceled without confirmation. Due to the special legal situation, we have to send this product separately from other products, which can result in higher shipping costs. Inspired by the classic charm of Italian stilettos, the Kershaw Launch 8 reinterprets this traditional design. The automatic knife has the symmetrical lines of a stiletto and is easy to carry. The slim blade of powder metallurgy CPM-154 is single-edged and has a prominent ricasso at the back of the blade to save weight while emphasizing the stiletto style. To maintain symmetry, the pivot point is recessed deep into the handle and covered by a carbon fiber insert. Integrated finger guards on the top and bottom of the handle made of carbon fiber and aluminum prevent fingers from being put in danger

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